Read this before you buy tapware! – Katie Evans, Milan Direct

Read this before you buy tapware! – Katie Evans, Milan Direct

If you think taps are inconsequential to kitchen and bathroom design think again! Your choice of tapware is the finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom décor. The humble tap is perhaps one of the most touched surfaces in these rooms, so its functionality is paramount, as is the way the tap feels in your hand. If you are renovating or thinking about changing out your old taps, spend a bit of time considering the colour and style of your taps as well as how they fit with your kitchen and bathroom designs.



Functionality First

There are many things to take into account when choosing taps for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The colour and style of tapware, surprisingly, is often one of the last considerations. Taps must be easily accessible and easy to use and they must also be a correct distance from the sink to ensure you don’t get water splashing back at you when you use them. Consulting a professional before you spend any money on your tapware is a good idea – to make sure you are buying something that is the correct choice for the dimensions of your room.



Devil in the Detail

Once the essential measurements have been organized then the fun begins. You will be spoilt for choice with the range of tapware available. Plain old silver taps are a thing of the past with black, brass and even gorgeous copper allowing you to make the humble tap a feature of your bathroom or kitchen design. There is also a huge choice of textures in tapware ¬– matt, brushed steel or smooth and sleek stainless steel to get you started. Take the time to handle the taps and consider how they feel. It is something you don’t consider much in your everyday activities, but the tactility of your taps will add a luxurious touch to your finished rooms.


Consistency is Key

Once you have decided on your style of tapware it is a good idea to keep this design for the whole house. Black taps in the bathroom and silver taps in the kitchen is no big deal, but using black taps throughout the house, instead, will offer a sense of coherency in the overall design. Also be careful to match things like drains and plugholes to your taps. Again, silver drains with black taps can be a bit jarring on the eye. There is also the option of exposing your plumbing for an industrial look or opting for minimal and hidden tapware for a sleek and modern style.



Get the look…

• Consult a professional to help you plan the correct position of your taps to avoid problems with the overall practicality of the design.

• Have fun choosing your taps from the myriad styles on offer and don’t look past new styles in black, brass and copper.

• Keep taps, drains and plugholes consistent throughout the house


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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct