Quality Tapware for Life

A proudly Australian company, Meir stands as a global leader in tapware, reaching over 40 countries and partnering with more than 2000 retailers worldwide.

With decades dedicated to designing and manufacturing, we meticulously source the highest quality materials from around the world. That’s why the Meir range is renowned for exceptional durability, as attested by our customers.

This is why we can proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all our tapware. That’s all parts, finishes, and components guaranteed. So, when you buy Meir tapware, you know it will stay just as beautiful and be as functional for life.

​It's tapware so good, Darren Palmer put his name on it. Why not order one of our sample boxes to see the true quality for yourself.

Our Products


Step into the world of Meir

Each product consists of many complex and high-quality components ranging from local to European sources.

Every part is carefully assembled from beginning to end, to provide the final result; a flawless product.