PVD - A Luxurious Finish | Incorporating PVD Coating In Your Home

PVD - A Luxurious Finish | Incorporating PVD Coating In Your Home

Building or renovating? When it comes time to select fixtures and fittings, the task can be daunting. We delve into the most common finishing methods available, from powder-coating to electroplating, to uncover why PVD coating is leading the way. With different alternatives to choose from, we’ll help you select one that will match your design aesthetic and offer great functionality.



Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is an intense application method used to coat tapware and accessories.

The process to achieve PVD is via a vacuum deposition method, which shifts from a condensed state into vapour, and then applied as a thin film resulting in a condensed finish.

While electroplating was the recommended choice for coloured tapware, PVD has risen in popularity. It can withstand abrasions and physical impacts without diminishing in appearance; delivering an enduring finish that you can depend on.

As PVD continues to set the benchmark on wear resistance, it is becoming increasingly favourable as the chosen product finish in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry and Powder Room.

The Meir PVD Brushed Nickel range is now available, through selected Stockists, to mix and match across all zones, producing a premium and cohesive aesthetic throughout.


Featured | Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Kitchen Mixer Tap (SKU: MK03-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Sink (SKU: MKSP-S380440-NK)




Powder-coating is a process where dry powder is applied to a surface electrostatically and cured under high temperatures. Powder-coated products are budget-friendly and often come with a 12-month limited warranty. While being economical, this finish can be prone to chipping, peeling and scratching from everyday use.



The Electroplating process uses an electric current to dissolve metal to form a metal coating.

Electroplating produces a more superior finish compared to powder coating, with a higher tolerance for wear and tear, making it ideal for heavily frequented zones.

An extensive range of Meir Matte Black, Tiger Bronze and Champagne tapware and accessories (excluding Brushed Nickel and Lavello Sinks) are electroplated to achieve their premium finishes.

As durable as Electroplated products are, care should be taken when cleaning, refraining from abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners to prolong its finish.


Featured | Meir Matte Black Round Curved Basin Mixer (SKU: MB03) + Meir Matte Black Round Robe Hook (SKU: MR03-R)




We’ve explored the variances in finished methods available, the choice in PVD has its advantages -

  • Luxurious finish that is resistant to wear
  • Less susceptible to corrosion
  • Easier to maintain and clean
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in a range of premium finishes like Brushed Nickel, Brushed Bronze Gold and Gunmetal Black
  • Available in a wide range of tapware, accessories and sinks



Featured | Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Curved Spout (SKU: MS05-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Wall Mixer (SKU: MW03-PVDBN +Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Toilet Roll Holder (SKU: MR02-R-PVDBN +Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Robe Hook (SKU: MR03-R-PVDBN)




Be it water flow or aesthetic elevation; tapware is so much more than a utilitarian necessity. Today’s tapware brings forth a unique sense of luxury with the power to transform any space. With PVD becoming revolutionary, luxury need not stop at taps. PVD-coated sinks are now on-trend, as the ideal pairing to any mounted mixer or tap set.

The Meir range of award-winning Lavello sinks are coated in PVD-finish for optimal durability and style.

This high-strength finish is long-lasting and low maintenance with high-performance quality, perfectly suited to all wet zones of the home.

Unparalleled in quality and available in several sizes and bowl variations, Lavello sinks are incredibly versatile. They can be utilised in the laundry, kitchen, butler’s pantry or even home theatre rooms - In particular, the single bowl Bar Sink makes for a classic accompaniment and is available in three distinct finishes;  PVD Brushed NickelBrushed Bronze Gold, and Gunmetal Black.

If you’re planning your next renovation project or new build, be sure to take a look at the Meir PVD range of tapware and Lavello sinks collections via our colour samples, allowing you to embrace the PVD difference in and among your home. 

If you are ready to purchase your dream tapware, use our stockist locator to find your closest Meir stockist or preferred online retailer.