Is Black Tapware a Fad or Here to Stay?

Is Black Tapware a Fad or Here to Stay?

We’ve known for a while now, that Black is the new Black, but the question on everyone’s mind is, “is Black here for the long run or just a fleeting trend in time?” Here today, gone tomorrow…
When it comes to trend forecasting, who better to ask than our lovely friend Jen Bishop from The Interiors Addict, who recently sat down with Naomi Findlay from The Reno Show to discuss whether Black is in fact a continuing trend to stay.

The great news is that, according to Jen, black is definitely here to stay, especially when it comes to bathroom tapware. It’s not just for the high-end either, making it an excellent option for most homes.


Pros of Black Tapware

Matte black taps, fixtures and fittings offer style as well as substance. Read on to understand the benefits of these sleek fixtures, and learn why matte black tapware is here for the long-term.

  1. Accessibility. Now more than ever, black is so easily accessible – not just for the high-end market. It’s a great option for a variety of new builds and renovations, from Melbourne to Perth and even internationally.
    In addition, it is undoubtedly sleek and smart and will instantly transform, modernise and elevate your bathroom space in spades!
  2. Flexibility. Matte black tapware offers flexibility among an array of colour schemes, making it the perfect foundation for a beautiful bathroom or kitchen. It gives your room a modern, chic pop, especially complementing marble, stone or timber.
  3. Style. It is undoubtedly sleek and smart and will instantly transform, modernise and elevate your bathroom space in spades! Matte black tapware is a great option for anyone looking to renovate their bathroom and is a trendy option that’s sure to last.
  4. Versatility. Because black is a common finish, it also has the advantage of being able to match with so many other décor products and colours. The strong yet neutral tone allows you to play with quirky, different colour palettes and design styles. For example, a stylish matte black shower head can add a real wow factor to the overall aesthetic.


Cons of Black Tapware

The matte black detractors may point to how black will fade or get damaged or scratched easily. However, the occasional wipe of your black tapware with a microfiber cloth and warm, soapy water will allow the tapware to retain its hue for many years.
In reality, matte black is a wonderful low-maintenance option. It does better than most colours at hiding water marks, dust and stains.
Most matte black taps will be hard to scratch but accidents can occur. To counteract scratching as much as possible, look for scratch resistant coating, such as the type that we use for our tapware ranges, being a double-coat electroplated finish.


In conclusion, matte black statement tapware is no fad. It continues to remain a popular choice because it of its aesthetic appeal and versatility, with the ability to enhance the look of most kitchen and bathroom décors, but care should be taken to avoid products with poor quality black finishes.
To help get you started with your matte black purchase, view our product catalogue or browse the range of premium matte black tapware online.

- Marisa Lopez, Meir.