How To Plan Your Home Reno

How To Plan Your Home Reno

Many of us dream of one day renovating our homes. The creativity and excitement involved in developing the project can be highly motivating. However, sometimes things don't always go as planned. This is easily avoided with a little research, organisation and flexibility. Following a few fundamentals will ensure you achieve your renovation on time, on budget and have fun along the way! We've got you covered with five simple steps to get you started.



You may already have the end result in mind, but getting there usually begins with an idea, inspiration or a desire. Perhaps a blank canvas is your starting point? Gather as much reference material as you can to commence creating your mood boards. 

Style Source Book is a great place to start. A centralised web hub that allows design enthusiasts to digitally style their mood boards using a wide range of products and finishes. By creating your perfect project, you can easily visualise your dream renovation at a glance.



Pinterest is another great source of inspiration. A visual discovery site to ignite your home and style inspiration. It has billions of Pins for you to discover and save to your collection board. Fantastic for future reference; one place to store and keep your ideas organised and easy to find.

Unsure of what style you are seeking? Perhaps a contemporary renovation is one to contemplate. Take a look at our list of the top 10 interior design trends to transform your home



Renovations are a complicated business, and there are many moving parts, so start by creating a clear and concise plan. When developing your plan, there are a few factors to include:

Time - Bathroom renovations can take four weeks (at a minimum), so best to allow six to eight weeks. This will allow for any possible delays you may encounter. Be sure to schedule an inspection from a certified tradesperson prior to commencing any works, in particular, to check for pre-existing damage you are unaware of or if you have an extension or removal in mind.

Budget - Once you have the go-ahead, settle on a budget and (try to) stick to it. 

Kitchen/bathroom renovations can add up so prior to commencing, create a budget breakdown. From supplies and decor to finishes and window furnishings, conduct your research thoroughly. Don't forget unforeseen expenses usually arise, so setting aside a little extra budget is always a smart decision. 

Services - Finally, assemble your dream team. Depending on the renovation, you will likely require the services of a plumber, electrician, carpenter and plasterer. You may also use a designer and architect. Most importantly, ensure they understand your creative vision, share a similar design aesthetic and present exciting ideas.



Depending on the type of renovation, preparation goes hand in hand with organisation.

Ensure you are ready to begin by prepping prior to commencing your renovation works. 

Insurance - Renovation insurance is a must-have if you're planning a major project. Whilst you may already have home insurance, you may not be covered for renovation work, such as structural changes, kitchen remodelling, electrical rewiring, rendering or removing walls. 

If you are unsure if additional cover is required, contact your home insurer.

Clear out - Before chaos ensues, clear away as much as possible to maximise your working space and avoid damage to possessions. For everyday items, place into an area accessible during your renovation. A concealing storage box will keep dust at bay and can be easily transported. 

Daily routines - Kitchen renovations, in particular, are inevitably bound to cause disruption to your daily routine. Planning ahead will ensure you go about your day as you would typically set out to do. With the heart of the home temporarily compromised, use an alternative cooking area to your advantage. A portable outdoor grill is a practical option for the summer months, whilst a microwave can be transported into another room for quick meals.

Stay or go - The scope of works will decipher the decision to live through construction or leave. If you have services such as plumbing, heating or cooling that need to be switched off for an extended period of time, consider seeking alternate accommodation.

In addition, if you have children or pets, you will want to designate a safe zone to avoid injuries and interferences with tradespeople.




Now is the time to add your sense of style to the project. Through product selection, your renovation comes to life. Start by gathering your design inspiration and then become selective.

In particular, choosing fixtures and fittings can be time-consuming. Bathroomkitchen and laundry fittings are very popular with new renovations, and with a wide range of products available, you can choose to mix and match your preferred style and make it uniquely yours.

If colour consistency is an integral part of your creative vision, then consider matching elements throughout various rooms in popular colours like Matte BlackBrushed Nickel or Champagne. 

Colour Samples - If the task at hand of selecting fixture and fittings is becoming overwhelming and the selection process is perplexing, start by ordering colour samples. Available in all finishes, these samples will allow you to touch, feel and visualise within each space of your home to give you a precise look of what to expect.

Flatlays - Once your colour samples have arrived, you can utilise them to create a flatlay with your perfect pairings and chosen scheme. Gather all your inspiration including colour swatches, paint chips, tile samples and add a touch of greenery. By mixing and matching you can style it multiple ways to achieve your final look.

Here is one we have put together featuring product options from our Tiger Bronze bathroom tapware range with ideal pairings:



Once your renovation is complete, ensure you do a final walkthrough, and you are happy with the final result. Raise any issues with your tradespeople early so they can be fixed immediately. 

Schedule a thorough clean, removing dust and dirt, paying attention to anything left behind.

And finally, add in your final touches and decor — artwork, furniture, plants and comforts to complete your renovation.



With a simplified list, why wait any longer. Begin planning your home renovation today.

For all your needs, be sure to explore our gallery from Meir renovating customers and our inspiration industry professionals.