10 Interior Design Trends to Transform Your Home

10 Interior Design Trends to Transform Your Home

From embracing Sweden’s ‘lagom’ lifestyle, of finding a balanced lifestyle and living sustainably to thriving on an Ultra Violet colour palette, we look at 10 Interior Design Trends to transform your home.



geometric styling


With the departure of previous years, we saw the embrace of geometric cushion and rug design, now geometric styling has escaped the auxiliary role, appearing as a popular means of adding immediate visual interest and elevating to an entire room or living space. Geometric accent tables have been on point inspiring a cult following on Pinterest more than ever, whilst geometric tiles, wallpapers and artwork continue to be on an emphatic rise.




High Tech Bathroom 

(Image ©Duravit)

While Eastern culture has always had an eye for this, modern bathrooms in the West, are becoming more high-tech. Pairing functionality with an elegant aesthetic has never been easy, but technology has come a long way. Think touchscreen mirrors with automated de-misting, USB connection and built-in speakers for creating the perfect bathing atmosphere, sensor-activated toilets with self-cleaning utility, LED vanity sections with zoom-in mirror features. Yes, the future is here and now, and bathroom aficionados are getting on board.




  Meir Australia black tapware bathroom

(Image: Meir Australia | design Designed by Debbie | concrete walls Cemcrete)


We’ve known for a while now, that Black is the new Black, but now more than ever modern homes are embracing the undoubtedly sleek and smart, for a flawless result.
Matte-black options, in particular for tapware, are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility and boldness paired perfectly alongside materials such as Marble, Cement, Wood and Porcelain.
As well as the combination of statement basins, this duo is vastly becoming a force to be reckon with.
To start your journey over to the dark side, opt for Matte Black by Meir.




  indoor plants

(Image: Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors | Photography by Marnie Hawson)


We have come full circle from the good old 70’s & 80’s where house plants adorned every corner of our home. Think macramé plant hangers and the hardy Rubber Plant. Old is new again and whilst not all of us have a green thumb, creating an eco-friendly environmentally conscious home, has been easily executed for many. From luscious Ferns to Mother-in-laws tongue, by adding a touch of greenery it helps purify the air you breathe and is an instant stress reducer. Such an affordable way to stylise your home and reduce your carbon footprint, we can understand why so many are jumping on the power plant bandwagon.




chandelier in the room 

(Image: Pinterest.com)


Aim High when it comes to ceilings. We’ve seen the trusty feature wall be done repeatedly, but now it’s all about Statement Ceilings. The Sky’s the limit literally with abounds of choice, making it the hottest trend around.
By simply offering a patterned ceiling, a touch of drama is the perfect way to add character to a room without overwhelming the entire space. Whether you choose to paint or add wallpaper or perhaps adorn your ceiling with a statement chandelier, the eyes are instantly drawn up making for a grand entrance memorable at that.




Meir Tiger Bronze and Champagne Tapware 
(Image: Meir Australia | photography aspect11 | builder Scope Building Solutions)


Industrial metals will forever live on, but now more than ever we’re seeing the rise of metallic finishes. There will always be classic Gold, Copper and Chrome, but now we welcome the new kids on the block, variants like Bronze, Champagne, and Brass. Precious metals if you will, are gracing the bathroom, kitchen and even laundry room in such opulence, it has us completely crushing on this metal trend. Such beauties like Meir’s Tiger Bronze and Champagne perfectly capture elegance and style, transforming any space a step beyond the norm.
To peruse the special range of metallics by Meir, click here.




Living space 
(Image: unsplash.com | artist Breather)


This new Scandi trend that has us leading a more balanced life, and it all starts with your living space.
The Swedish term, lagom, refers to finding the right amount of something. Lagom pieces symbolise balance within your home, which can immediately translate to your life and well-being. Conscious buying and slow design are key beliefs of the Scandinavian method; a method which homeowners across the globe are eagerly adopting. You too can attain the simple life philosophy by incorporating a neutral palette whilst choosing great quality pieces in minimal form.




ultra violet shade 
(Image: © 2018 PIXERS https://pixers.uk/)


We saw the arrival of Ultra Violet proved there was a growing need for the mysterious powers of this contemplative purple shade, a shade which has named revolutions and dressed some of recent history’s greatest musicians. The colour itself is associated with mindfulness and creativity, so consider soothing your living space with this meditative tone for when the hyper-stimulation of daily life overwhelms you.




High Tech Bathroom 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to tiles. We have seen the subway tile doubly used in spades, and the humble penny round remerging more than ever. Mosaics and ceramic artwork continue to make their way into more modern homes, featured among splashbacks or entire bathroom floors enraptured with symmetrical arrangements which please our inner perfectionist.
For a jolt of inspiration, browse through the endless array of tile options by Cerdomus Tile Studio here.




tech-free area 
(Image: Meir Australia | photography Mindi Cooke | builder Graya Construction)


In a world that is full of distraction, a tweet here and a ding there, is it any wonder we are all craving a simpler life. As most of us would love to adopt the ‘check your phone at the door’ approach, our guests or better yet, teenage kids may beg to differ.
Enter ‘Tech-free’ zones. A designated space which is sans-technology. Struggling to finish the latest Stephen King thriller need not be an issue. Catching up on some shut eye, not a problem here. Start by finding an area and ban technology completely, add your perfect piece of furniture/artwork/power plant and let the unwinding begin. Getting back to basics or perhaps a meditative state is now indeed a reality.



Living in a technological world with good health and simplicity is this year’s challenge.
Modern homes are not afraid to progress, but each step must be made with a focus for harmony, balance, and restraint. With these trends in place, you’re on your way to creating the perfect swoon-worthy lifestyle.

– Marisa Lopez, Meir.